Battery Test for Electric Cars

Our electric car battery test provides a transparent measure of the battery’s capacity with results in minutes.

As electromobility experts with many years of experience, we at DEKRA know that the State of Health (SoH), defined as the remaining capacity, of a used electric car’s battery has a strong influence on the value and performance of the vehicle.
Our web application-based battery test for electric cars provides an accurate picture of the battery’s State of Health, assessed on the basis of a 15-minute analysis. Covering a large number of electric car models from different manufacturers, our solution provides neutral, independent battery test results that you can rely on when using, buying and selling used electric cars.

Transparent residual capacity with our fast and precise battery test

The electric car battery is the primary marker of the vehicle’s value. Unfavorable conditions such as an inefficient driving style, high driving speed, heat and cold, mileage, charging cycles and many other factors can diminish battery capacity. Our test provides a reliable, transparent statement of the battery's remaining capacity so that buyers and sellers can better estimate the value, functionality and performance of used electric cars.
In 15 minutes and four steps, our battery test determines the capacity of a used electric car battery:
  • Preparation: Access the battery test URL on your smartphone. Connect the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) to the cable then the cable to the OBD port.
  • Static test: After entering general vehicle data, required diagnostic data is read out and general readiness is verified.
  • Dynamic test: Data is gathered during a brief acceleration.
  • DEKRA report: TThe evaluation is ready in minutes and shows the residual battery capacity in a clear, comprehensible format. The entire report with additional information can be sent to the user by email.
The battery test with its patented algorithm has been validated by the prestigious RWTH Aachen University. The test is sophisticated, fast and precise, with the added benefit of providing an independent and objective assessment of the residual battery capacity of these electric cars. This helps promote transparency and trust surrounding used EV sales.