Vehicle Condition Report

Assessment of the technical condition of the road vehicle

(undamaged vehicles, but also damaged vehicles)

DEKRA Slovakia, since its establishment in 1995 under the name SLOVDEKRA, has been carrying out expert and expert work in the field of road transport.
Based on the entry in the list of experts registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, we perform expert and expertise activities in the field 030000 – Road transport:
  • branch 030100 – Technical condition of road vehicles
  • branch 030402 - Estimated value of road vehicles

Examples from our activity:

  • Documenting the technical condition of the road vehicle - making photo documentation and writing a note on the technical condition of the vehicle.
  • Determining the amount of damage to the vehicle and the value of the damaged vehicle - e.g. for the purpose of determining the amount of insurance compensation after a loss event.
  • Determining the method of repairing the damaged vehicle - e.g. when applying for insurance benefits in an insurance company, when making a claim after vehicle repair, etc.
  • Calculation of the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle
  • Determining the cause of the breakdown or damage to the vehicle
  • Assessment of the method of vehicle repair, assessment of the adequacy of the charged costs for vehicle repair
  • Assessment of the technical condition of the road vehicle - e.g. when buying a used vehicle, or after the vehicle has been repaired
The Expertise Organization does not carry out inspections after end of lease. If you are interested in contacting us about these inspections, please go to our page Inspection After The End of Lease .