Conditions and Price of the Battery Test

DEKRA has a patented technology for BATTERY TEST and we issue a certificate for each test. We provide this service as the only company in Slovakia, and in the EU, as an independent organization that is not tied to any car manufacturer, we have the most inspected cars in the battery test.

We are currently conducting an Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) battery test on more than 100 models.
Here you can find all models ready for battery testing:

Manufacturers & vehicles

Information we need to know before agreeing on a date and testing options:
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Model
  • Battery capacity in kWh
  • When was the vehicle manufactured and in what period (month and year)
  • What is its total power in kW
You can easily send us this information by filling out the contact form here:
If we have the vehicle in our database, we will make an individual appointment and the test takes less than 20 minutes.
Price of battery test is €125 including VAT.

The discounted price of the battery test is €75 including VAT.

Conditions to be met before the battery test:

  • The high-voltage battery charged between 40% and 80% (SoC)
  • Temperature difference of individual cells within the battery <2 °C (we do not recommend charging the battery on a fast charger shortly before the test)
  • Battery temperature between +10°C and +30°C
  • The OBD socket must be functional