Price list STK Krásny Brod - Medzilaborce

The price is final. It includes the price for the inspection, issued documents and the fee of the authorized Technical Service.
Technical inspections (TI)
Periodical TI and special TI in full vehicle categoryprice with vat (EUR)
motorcycles, light tricycles and light quadsL1e, L3e, L4e,L2e, L6e33,00
passenger cars, vans, tricycles and quadsM1, N1, L5e, L7e42,00
passenger cars and vans with LPG or CNGM1, N146,00
light trailers up to 0,75 t (1,5 t*)O1, R1*20,00
trailers over 0,75 tO233,00
historic vehiclesall60,00
TI of a right-hand drive vehiclesM1250,00
TI of a vehicle with a record of exceptionsall250,00
Repeated TI and special TI in partial scopeVehicle categoryPrice with VAT (EUR)
all vehicles, if brakes are not also subject to inspection (group 1)all15,00
vehicles cat. L,M1,N1,O1,O2 if the brakes are also subject to inspection (group 1)all20,00
special TI in partial scopeall10,00
Administrative TI and repeated administrative TIvehicle categoryPrice with VAT (EUR)
administrative TI / repeated administrative TIall15,00
all vehicles after the previous PTI of the individually imported vehicle in this PTI stationall10,00
Related servicesPrice with VAT (EUR)
Description of the TI protocol5,00
Emission inspections (EI)
Periodical EI and special EI in full and repeated EI from another Emission Check Stationvehicle categoryPrice with VAT (EUR)
EI gasoline and/or gas BEZKAT, NKATM1, N140,00
EI gasoline and/or gas RKAT, RKAT + OBDM1, N140,00
EI - all types of drive, all emission systems *)M1, N138,00
*) except for item EI gasoline and/or gas BEZKAT, NKAT, RKAT, RKAT + OBD
Repeated EI in the scope of the periodical EI and Special EI in a partial scopevehicle categoryPrice with VAT (EUR)
EI - all types of drive, all emission systemsM1, N124,00
Administrative EI and repeated administrative EIvehicle categoryPrice with VAT (EUR)
Administrative EI / Repeated administrative EIall15,00
all vehicles after the previous periodical EI of the individually imported vehicle in this Emission Check Stationall10,00
Related servicesPrice with VAT (EUR)
Copy of the protocol on emission inspection5,00
Additional services
Prices for additional services and goodsPrice with VAT (EUR)
low-emission sticker for Germany15,00
addition of technical data for import10,00
advice, consultations (hourly billing rate)40,00
disinfection of the vehicle with ozone7,00
Battery Test for Electric Cars*75,00 (discounted price)
* For more information about the battery test for electric cars, visit our page undefined. Contact us about performing a battery test of an electric car in advance via the undefined.