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UPDATED: (14.02.2022)

We have FREE dates for MOT!

We equip all customers to wait without ORDERING!

For current information on measures and the regime of entry to our facilities, visit the page of the specific STK - Technical Inspection Station.

Information on current operation and opening is continuously updated not only on our website in the FAQ section , but also on our Facebook profile.


If your TK and EK expired after the declaration of an emergency situation (March 12, 2020 and later), it is extended by three months.

On April 22, 2020, the National Council of the Slovak Republic approved Act no. 90/2020 Coll., Amending Act no. 106/2018 Coll. on the operation of vehicles in road traffic. Among other things, a provision concerning the validity of TK and EK was added to the law as follows:

§ 170 b:

(4) The validity of the regular technical inspection, which expires during a crisis situation, is extended by three months.
(5) The validity of the regular emission control, which expires during a crisis situation, is extended by three months.


Dear customers, take into account the fact concerning the liability insurance for the operation of the vehicle, where in the event of invalid technical or emission control, the owner of the vehicle may be subject to recourse proceedings to recover any damage in connection with a traffic accident.

1. When placing an order on our website , you first select our branch, then select the date and list the required data (vehicle type, fuel type, ECV, etc.). ). It is especially important to enter the correct phone number in the form 09xx xxx xxx, because an SMS with a code is immediately sent to this phone number after clicking on the "Order" field (this code will also come to your e-mail if you provided it when ordering).

2. After clicking on the "Order" box, you will be prompted to verify your phone number. You have 5 minutes to enter the code, which is deducted from the page you see. If you do not enter the code by this time, you must start ordering again.

3. After entering the code, click on the "Submit" box and then a page will appear stating that your order has been confirmed.

4. You will then receive a confirmation SMS message and an e-mail (if you have provided one) to confirm the order. Only such a confirmed order is correctly registered and valid.

Phone number verification is required only for selected branches.

If you cannot arrive on the booked date, check-out is very easy. All you have to do is enter the order identification code on this link LOGOUT FROM THE STK TERM and the date will be automatically canceled, which we will inform you by e-mail and sms.

You will find the order identification code in the sms and order confirmation e-mail.

Don't panic!

You will perform a technical and emission inspection as soon as the threat of coronavirus spread ends and we start full operation. The validity of the MOT is extended by three months (see the article above).

Each of our branches currently has different capacity options, so the validity of your order depends on the specific branch. Information on the mode in which specific branches operate can be found at this link - Technical inspection stations .

PLEASE NOTE that we are constantly updating the information on our website and Facebook profile, so first check whether we are already open and whether we are also handling ordered customers. If not, you will perform a technical and emission check as soon as the threat of coronavirus spread ends and we start full operation.


The European Omnibus II Regulation is currently in force in the Czech Republic, according to which the validity of roadworthiness tests is extended by 10 months (this only applies to vehicles registered in the Czech Republic whose roadworthiness tests expired between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021).

Please note that this extension does not apply to vehicles registered in the Slovak Republic . The extension of the validity of the technical and emission control by 3 months according to Slovak law does not apply on the territory of the Czech Republic .

If you want to use a Slovak vehicle in the Czech Republic, you must pass a technical and emission inspection in due time, which you have indicated on the stickers and protocol on TC and EC, otherwise you risk a fine from the police patrol in the Czech Republic.

MDV SR published on its website information on the period of validity of technical and emission inspections of regular vehicles registered as taxi vehicles. It states, inter alia, the following:

"The National Technical Control Information System and the National Emission Control Information System are linked to the Unified Road Transport Information System (JISCD), in which taxis (vehicles registered in taxis) are registered. Therefore, any vehicle that is registered in the JISCD as a taxi vehicle automatically has a national technical inspection information system and a national emission control information system shortened technical inspection validity and reduced emission control validity for one year.

If the taxi operator has ceased to use the vehicle in the taxi service and has not requested its cancellation from the taxi concession, and such a vehicle could subsequently be sold to another person, such a vehicle is still registered in the JISCD as a taxi vehicle and at the next roadworthiness test, and emission control, the validity of the technical control will be shortened to one year.

The taxi service operator is obliged to request the district office in the seat of the region, the Department of Road Transport and Roads, to make a change in the vehicles that are registered in the concession. If the new (current) vehicle operator does not know who was the taxi operator, a change in the vehicles registered in the concession can be requested directly by the district office at the regional headquarters, the Department of Road Transport and Roads, as well as the new vehicle operator itself. "

Not. We have issued such confirmations in the past, but the law has changed and at the moment you have to go to the vehicle manufacturer's representative = importer (eg for Škoda it is ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko sro). The importer will issue you a confirmation of the registration of alternative tires and rims (for the given model / type / year of the car) and with this confirmation you can go directly to the police officers, who will register it in the OEV.