Vehicle Inspections

DEKRA is the World Leader in Vehicle Inspections

DEKRA has been fully committed to road safety since the organization was originally founded in 1925. With over 95 years of experience in vehicle inspection and an international presence in 20 countries, DEKRA is the world’s #1 in vehicle inspection services, with 27 million of vehicles inspection done per year.

As a neutral and independent 3rd party inspection company, DEKRA focusses on the two major stakes: check the road worthiness of the vehicles for the safety of drivers and road users, and measure exhaust pollution to protect the environment.
DEKRA provides retail and business customers mandatory and voluntary periodical vehicle inspection services for all type of vehicle: from motorcycles, cars, caravan to trucks, trailers, tractors.
DEKRA’s trained and accredited vehicle inspectors check all customers’ vehicles accurately and thoroughly, using state-of-the-art equipment and the highest-quality processes. We aim for high service efficiency to avoid downtime and to make everything as simple as possible for your customer, generating high customer satisfaction.
DEKRA shares its know-how of road safety with international organizations such as the European Commission and the UN, and we carry out various communication actions such as the annual safety report and the road safety campaigns to a large audience.