Voucher for PTI

DEKRA Slovensko s.r.o. as the only network of technical control stations and emission control workplaces offers its customers the option of purchasing a gift voucher. The voucher is an ideal and practical gift for a partner, parent, friend or acquaintance.

We offer gift vouchers worth €25 and €50 (price including VAT).

The voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Validity is indicated on the back of the voucher.
With a gift voucher, you can pay for technical inspection, emissions inspection and additional goods. Payment by gift voucher can be combined with payment by card or cash. It is not issued from a gift voucher.
Vouchers can be purchased at all our technical inspection stations in the reception office - Our MOT . The voucher can only be used at the technical control station where it was purchased. The specific MOT is marked on the back of the voucher.