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Inspection after the end of the lease

Used Car Management

The most important moment of our entry into the vehicle inspection market was the demand for an independent and professional assessment by a third party. This is mainly an assessment of the condition of the body, interior or overall condition of the vehicle, for example at the end of financing, when taking over vehicles between drivers and in various other events that require a thorough inspection and documentation of the condition of the vehicle. The result of the inspection is an electronically processed final report on the condition of the vehicle at the time of handover with the possibility of calculating the cost of repairs, complete photo documentation, a report on the condition of the hybrid or electric vehicle's battery or the thickness of the body paint.
We carry out inspections for all types of road vehicles, such as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses at our centers mainly in Bratislava, Košice, Žilina or in individual cases directly at the client.
The company DEKRA is a global authority in this field and provides services for less significant leasing companies and authorized importers of vehicles of renowned brands in Slovakia and abroad.
On the domestic market, we are a stable and reliable partner for our customers, and we have been providing these services since 2007, when a new specialized UCM department was created, the foundations of which are built on the long-term experience of our colleagues from other countries, and in Slovakia we enjoy the support of the road transport expertise department .
DEKRA Slovensko s.r.o. is a service provider for major companies:
ALD Automotive Slovakia s.r.o., ARVAL Slovakia s.r.o., Business Lease Slovakia s.r.o., BMW Slovenská republika s.r.o., ČSOB Leasing a.s., RAI Internacional, s.r.o., VOLKSWAGEN Financial Services Slovakia s.r.o., SCANIA Slovakia s.r.o.