Emission sticker for Germany

Before your trip to Germany, you can purchase an ecological plaque at each of our MOTs, which will allow you to enter ecological urban zones in Germany. The beginning and end of the zone is marked with the UMWELTZONE mark.
The validity of the plaque is not limited in time and is valid throughout Germany.
The price for vehicle assessment, registration and issuance of the eco-label is EUR 15 including VAT. We will also send you the plaque by post upon request.
To classify the vehicle in the relevant emission class and issue the corresponding plaque, it is sufficient to present the original document from the vehicle (certificate of vehicle registration, so-called large technical license) and we will issue the sticker to you while you wait.
If you want to send the stamp by post, it is enough to send the following to hrivnakova@dekra.com:
a binding order with the customer's contact and billing information
color double-sided scan of OEV - part II (so-called large technical license) of each motor vehicle for which you request to issue a low-emission plaque.
Telephone contact: 02/64 28 85 12.
Stick the ecological label from the inside to the lower right corner on the windshield of your car when viewed from the inside.