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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Convenient and Professional Pre-Purchase Inspections

DEKRA’s vehicle inspection experts assist customers in simplifying the pre purchase inspection process, carrying out the necessary checks required of any vehicle to ensure that it is legally acceptable for sale.

The benefits of Mandatory Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Give transparency

  • Improve confidence in vehicles they are buying or selling

  • Ensure the vehicle is safe, reliable and compliant with all relevant standards

  • Neutral partner, independent advice

  • Use of latest state-of-the-art equipment and highest-quality processes

Pre-Purchase Inspection

About Mandatory Pre-Purchase Inspection

When you buy or sell a car, a pre purchase inspection is recommended. In some countries, this inspection is mandatory, and depending on local regulations may be carried out by the buyer or by the seller.
In all cases the requirement is the same: to ensure the transparency regarding the safety condition of the vehicle before the owner changes.

DEKRA provides digital solutions to simplify the process and make it run smoothly. It allows to accelerate the process and to provide the right information.
According to local regulation, DEKRA vehicle inspection experts can offer solutions that include identification checks to guarantee its origin and equipment. Additional items that are required may also include data checks about the past of the car, specific inspection points, pictures and more.