Road Safety

DEKRA's commitment to road safety is its origin. As early as 1925 the founders laid down this association's purpose in its statutes. DEKRA is still committed to making road traffic safer today. The prevention of accidents in traffic is one of three areas of action laid down in DEKRA Vision 2025. There are still around 1.2 million road deaths worldwide every year. The ultimate goal is Vision Zero, road traffic without fatalities and serious injuries.
DEKRA as a company has a great interest in its implementation, as many central DEKRA services are directly related to road safety (main vehicle inspection, homologation / crash tests, driver´s license/assessment center for driving suitability (BfF), accident analysis / accident research). DEKRA has a reputation in this area as a pioneer in road safety. Among other things, this is shown by the response to and appreciation of the Road Safety Report, in which concrete recommendations for action are given annually to politicians, industry and associations. DEKRA is also represented in the daily press at parliamentary evenings at state and federal level and with specialist articles from DEKRA Accident Research.
The DEKRA experts are concerned with today's services, but also as pioneers of the challenges and steps of tomorrow: automated driving, networked mobility of the future. An even more intensive cooperation and networking of all institutions involved in road safety worldwide is desirable. DEKRA is always available as a partner.