DEKRA to appear at ExpoReal 2023 real estate trade show in Munich

Solving Energy Issues by Applying Expertise

Sep 29, 2023 Industrial / Industrial Inspection

At this year’s ExpoReal show from October 4 to 6 in Munich, Germany, DEKRA will be focusing in particular on the subject of energy and buildings. New developments in German law, substantial dated building stock, and increasing changes in the use of commercial real estate pose challenges for the industry. Expert organization DEKRA offers bespoke solutions for each of these.

  • Technical due diligence on complex projects
  • Changes in property use demand expertise
  • New German Buildings Energy Act raises raft of questions
Anyone acquiring individual properties, portfolios, or industrial sites must assess the structural condition and safety of the building stock and examine the potential need for investment in installations or systems in the buildings. The necessary technical due diligence (TDD) often becomes a chokepoint given the growing complexity of such projects, DEKRA’s real estate experts note. If there is any uncertainty regarding the future use of the building, obtaining a thorough survey is essential.
Protection against faulty assessments during due diligence
Numerous experts are needed to bring all the knowledge required to bear. Every factor comes into play: the building itself, installations and systems in the buildings, fire protection, electrics, structural physics, harmful substances, plus ESG criteria based on the EU Taxonomy Regulation which came into force in 2021. Coordinating the various experts in terms of time and place and bringing together and evaluating the individual survey reports requires experience and well-established processes within the relevant organization. DEKRA warns that time delays and cost increases caused by faulty assessments during the due diligence process can cause major losses to be incurred. Due diligence can be customized for each and every project.
Buildings energy law check from experts
In Germany, the top issue of interest at the moment is the country’s Buildings Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz; GEG). The GEG poses challenges for the real estate industry and is having a significant impact on investments and renovations. DEKRA now offers a new service in the form of an expert audit that involves checking all the new legal requirements pertaining to the relevant property. This GEG check examines all the factors relating to the property’s energy use, such as insulation, heating, water heating, and use of renewables. In addition, cooling and lighting systems are evaluated with reference to the legal situation.
DEKRA at ExpoReal 2023
October 4–6, 2023
Hall B1, Booth B1.523